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8 gifs per episode —> breaking bad

↪ 1x01 “Pilot”

The Ricin storyline.


endless list of favorite characters 1/?

↳ Gustavo “Gus” Fring (Breaking Bad)


4 Days Out by Isabella Morawetz 
Links: Website / deviantART / Facebook / Tumblr / Society6

Aaron Paul leaving an office building on Friday (June 13) in New York City.


Happy 35th birthday Aaron Paul ! (August 27, 1979 )

Chain mail!: Post 5 facts about yourself and pass it to 10 favorite followers ^_^

aww, thank you! you’re very kind :D

  1. I’m obsessed with all things Spiderman
  2. I went back to school this week and am already dying
  3. My nails are usually painted black
  4. I looooooooove shoes but have big feet and often can’t find my size so it’s pretty tragic
  5. I’m a pretty private/reserved person and I have a hard time opening up, even to friends

People are griping about Skyler White being too much of a killjoy to her meth-cooking, murdering husband? She’s telling him not to be a murderer and a guy who cooks drugs for kids. How could you have a problem with that? - Vince Gilligan